About our first game – Buster and the Crystal Bones

At Buster Studios we are big fans of 90s platformer games such as Crash Bandicoot, Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon and we had a blast playing them on the PlayStaion and Nintendo consoles back in the day. That’s why we set our goal to bring back the same gameplay and colourful environments to your iDevices along with a bit more modern 3D graphics so you can experience the same enjoyment as with those iconic titles.
Along with all the usual gameplay mechanics that you would expect from an old-school style platformer game such as collecting tons of items along your way, we have also put a lot of effort to try and make the environments across the game diverse and the difficulty constantly evolving so we can keep you entertained all the way as you jump, run and smash your way unlocking new levels.

We also thought you might want to hear some insights right from our main character – Buster!


So let’s see what he has to say about his adventures:


It’s Buster here,

I was created by an indie game studio and I’m their first release!

My adventures start at my hometown of Dogstool where I find that my owner Prof. James Beagles went missing. Prof. Beagles was researching the secrets of the ancient Maya at the Dogstool Institute of Geology, Archeology, History and Obscure Language Ethnography (DIGAHOLE) and seems to have been captured by an unexpected arch villain – the nasty Adelbert Adler who wants to use the power of the Crystal Bones to conquer the world! Join me on my epic and funny adventures to help me save my owner and see how the story turns out!

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Buster and the Crystal Bones is now available on the AppStore!

Buster and the Crystal Bones
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Now we are in the mode of letting everyone we can know about Buster and the Crystal Bones.

Our press releases:


Also we will be preparing to listen to feedback in case so done has an idea of how we can make Buster even more fun to play.




So we are nearing release and there is only one key question left. Have we built something worth paying for?

See we built the game with the idea of having a paid for game from the get go as we never believed in gimmicks to rip people off. It is a part of bringing back the fun of the games of the old days when you didn’t have to buy your way to success in the game. You didn’t need more gems or more boosts, just skill and dedication.

This is why Buster and the Crystal Bones will be a paid for game but we have out our heart and soul into it. Give it a go, because if you do, you will fall in love with Buster and enjoy the adventure while being pleasantly frustrated but yet motivated by the challenging gameplay.

BUSTER BLOG #2 – The one where they decide to use a Brand Building Framework to make a game

We had the idea of creating a game for a while but we really wanted to build an icon, a brand centred around our charachter – much like Crash Bandicoot who still boasts great awareness, recall and recognition.

The decision to use a framework derived from consumer packaged goods to build brands like Domestos and Fabreeze might seem counter-intuitive but this is where I really feel like I had my biggest contribution. The use of our Brand Building Framework is something I inherited from my day job in consumer packaged goods but it is also a framework that makes brand building very actionable as opposed to theoretical. It also helps by structuring all our discussions when we have meetings which helps the building process where features and initiatives we have agreed on are locked in and we can move on to the next bit. We have now narrowed down our Brand Building Framework and are in the process of executing (well Ivan is – while I am blogging away).

I would be interested to know how other indies develop games – are you product focused, consumer focused, process focussed (given how important time to market is)?


We all have jobs but we are all dreamers, aren’t we?

Our dream at Buster Studios is to bring back the engaging gameplay of the platformer genre from back in the day.

No disrespect to Candy Crush but it is underutilizing the capabilities of mobile devices today and relying purely on addiction to keep people hooked. How can it be that Naughty Dog made such a splash on the PS1 with Crash Bandicoot but all we get on iOS today is glorified puzzles…

This is why we want to bring something worth playing and then finishing because there is an end to the game and a storyline to get you engaged with the game.

We are a team of two – 1 developer doing all the work and one guy blogging right now. We will be posting a blog that follows the development of our game and the steps we are going through as a young business which can hopefully be useful to others like us who believe that we can contribute to the economy without having to sit in an office chair too much. Follow our blog to learn more about how we have been applying our skills and methods from packaged goods brand management to build Buster and the Crystal Bones.